School of Wizardry Summer Camp 2014

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UUCFM's School of Wizardry is offering "distance learning" for our 2020 term:
Camp tuition is $100 per student. Each student gets a box of course materials direct to their home. The registration form for our distance learning term for Summer 2020 is available here. 

Exciting news! We are partnering with a Northern Campus to have our biggest program yet. For more information, check out our Curriculum Page. We are still seeking youth volunteers (ages 14-17) to serve as Ghosts for this term. Click here to learn more. 

A note from UUCFM's Director of Religious Education:

Beloved Families & Friends of UUCFM,

I know our School of Wizardry summer camp program is valued beyond measure by the children, youth, and volunteers who participate in it annually - it is 100% my favorite time of year! I am crushed that the current pandemic makes it not only unsafe, but unethical for us to host camp at our campus in June. However, it brings me immense joy to announce that our incredible team of planning volunteers committed their time to put together a virtual camp experience that preserves the sense of community and magic which is such a cherished part of our program. They have succeeded and what we will be offering this June is a "distance learning" term of the School of Wizardry. 

Students will each receive a special delivery containing all required course materials (so many goodies!) the week before camp. We will be delivering these boxes early so families can let them rest for a few days or follow their preferred disinfecting procedures (safety first!). Our students will find all manner of wonderful things inside, each assigned to be opened on a different day of camp; a full week of discovery! Our team is packing each box carefully, taking all precautions, so that your young wizards can engage with their class supplies safely.  

One of the services our traditional summer camp offers is providing children and youth a safe place to go to be engaged and have fun while parents/guardians can invest themselves in other things. Our team has carefully designed our program to offer accessible activities for our wizard students to engage with independently in an effort to provide some relief to overworked care-givers who are juggling so many roles right now. While we recognize that some students will need more assistance than others, it is our hope that the camp experience can be as "hands free" as possible for care-givers.

We look forward to seeing your child virtually for the 2020 term!

- Jenn Blosser (she/her)
a.k.a. Madame Ione de Mimsy Porpington
Director of Religious Education, UUCFM

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Camp Director Krista Hopper (a.k.a Headmistress Astral Aqueous) at 239-464-1333 or email at [email protected]